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Noelani Counselling Services

Gomezga (Gomé) Simfukwe founded Noelani Counselling Services (NCS) with the help of NEIS in 2019. A qualified counsellor, he has spent much of his past working with both youth and adult groups helping participants to deal with personal and family related issues. His work and interest in this area started at an early stage where he was actively involved in a youth group in Zambia. This and his subsequent experiences and qualifications have allowed him to provide practical counselling skills and advice to enhance communications and positive outcomes for the people he works with.

Gomé found putting together the business plan and being able to work through the specifics with the mentor as the most beneficial aspects of NEIS. “Not having to worry about income in the early stages of the business allowed me to focus on executing the business strategy” he said.

In regards to what advice would you give to anyone starting their own business he said “Find something you are passionate about and follow that through using the networks you create through the NEIS program”

Check out his website noelanicounselling.com or visit the facebook page facebook.com/NoelaniCounselling/

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