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Moments by Tia Johnson

Tia is a memory catcher and also a mum to 3 children. Fueled by iced coffee (because thrice reheated coffee can be pretty gross) and determination to get Mum’s in the picture so that they won’t be left with nothing to cherish when their kids finally flee the nest beside a handful of dodgy selfies to prove they were present at their family’s special moments.
Photography is her first love. She formally trained in Photography many moons ago before being sidetracked into a rewarding 25 year career in aviation. Tia is however grateful that Covid-19 made her aviation job redundant and gave her the opportunity to finally return to her first love of photography. The second time around, she is ready, and her time in aviation gave her the skills and confidence to communicate with clients from all backgrounds and excellent customer service has become ingrained into her very being.

“My sessions are guaranteed low trauma for stressed mums, toddlers, tweens, teenagers & uncomfortable blokes. We have lots of laughter and fun and the portrait sessions will likely become one of the family’s cherished happy memories.” said Tia

You can see Tia’s beautiful photography at her website www.momentsbytiajohnson.com.au/

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