High Vibe Crystals

Sasha is the creator & sole owner of High Vibe Crystals, she is qualified in Reiki healing & uses this to infuse all products leaving the store with positive healing vibes. Sasha offers a beautiful collection of ethically & sustainably sourced crystals in a variety of natural & polished forms from all over the world!
“I have experienced a great amount of personal healing & growth through energy work & personal development & so it became my mission to create a one-stop shop for all self-love & personal advancement/healing needs. I have always been a lover of Crystal’s & for a long time denied this part of myself until I learnt it was my mission to help others obtain healing through Crystal magic” said Sasha
At High vibe Crystals, she works with small, family-owned businesses that align with her fair-trade principles & share her passion for ethical practices. It has been fantastic to be part of Sasha’s journey since she commenced the Self-Employment Assistance program in August 2022 and we have no doubt of her continued success.
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