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FXN Services

Being made redundant in the midst of a pandemic is not a good place to be, but this is where Troy found himself in 2020 shortly after COVID hit. He spent the next few months applying for a range of jobs but the problem was nobody was hiring. Using the old adage “if you can’t find a job, create one” Troy decided to take a shot at running his own business as a Biomedical contractor. This can be easier said than done and Troy was initially scared to start his own business because he knew nothing about financials or how to start his own business. That was until the 25th of June 2021 when he applied for the New Business Assistance with NEIS program.

“The small business course that was provided by ABS was just what I needed to give me all the answers to my questions.” said Troy. He found the group setting of the workshop great in helping him bounce ideas of other NEIS participants in the same situation as him. His business FXN services provides technical solutions to medical, scientific and laboratory customers as well as installation and repairs of a range of electronic equipment in the medical field.

Troy has gone from strength to strength since then “I have been operating my business for 17 months now and everything is going better than I had planned. I am busy enough that I am earning more than enough money to live on but also not having to knock back any work. At the moment I am happy to just continue on as a solo operator but in the next 5 years I may look into taking on an apprentice or putting on another Engineer.” said Troy

It is great to see how he has been able to go from unemployed to a successful business owner with assistance from NEIS and his own hard work and determination! We look forward to seeing his business continue to grow over the coming years.


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