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Debbie Hogg – The Self Worth Coach

Debbie started Self-Employment Assistance with us in August 2022. She was looking to start a coaching business that supports parents to teach their children ‘Life Skills’ Confidence, Self-Esteem & Resilience. Her target market is parents of children 4-9 years (with more programs to come for older children & teenagers). Debbie’s mission was to support others in giving themselves permission to fully show up in their life because when they do, amazing serendipities occur!

“The Self-Employment Assistance program provided an excellent structure for setting up solid foundations to build on, this offered huge clarity with message, finances and marketing. Applying for this program is well worth the effort (yes there is an effort to apply as having a clear vision of what your business will look like, who it will serve and more is important to articulate and quantify before being accepted). The whole process is 100% supportive of your future success. Get the foundations right and build upwards and beyond, it’s exciting, motivating and, hey, doing what we love and working for ourselves is what creates the backbone of the Australian economy.” said Debbie

Debbie is a Life Coach LCA, (PCC Professional Certified Coach with the ICF and APC Accredited Professional Coach with ANZI Coaching) and is an expert in her field, ABS Institute was able to provide the business knowledge and support and working together were able to achieve success.

To find out more or book a chat with Debbie you can visit her website here debbiehogg.com

Debbie Hogg - The Self Worth Coach

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