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Which social media channels should your business be using?

With so many platforms and such little time, discover how to effectively build your brand!

In a society where everyone is constantly on their phones, it is vital that businesses are up to date with all of the latest social media platforms and trends. If business owners fail to recognise the benefits of effectively utilising social media channels, it can be a missed opportunity to build brand awareness, connect with potential customers, boost your SEO, grow your mailing list and drive more revenue. 

It can be difficult to know which platforms are right for your business and will attract the most customers, as it can vary depending on the industry you’re in, as well as what kind of customers you’re trying to reach and for what purpose. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular platforms and their functions to make it easier for you to determine which channels are best to build your brand.


As according to Optinmonster, “Facebook has over 1 billion active users every day” and is considered the best overall social media channel for business owners, with the ads function of the platform drawing a sizable income every year. As well as Facebook ads, the channel has also proven to be a great way to find your target audience due to its powerful analytics, build an email list and draw in new customers. It is also great for interacting with your customers, as you can create private groups where users can interact and have a much more personalised experience with your business.  


Instagram is another highly regarded social media channel that quickly rose in recognition after amassing over a million users two months after its launch in 2010. The platform started out focusing on the sharing of photos and has expanded its offering to include features such as stories, reels, and a shopping section. This social media channel is ideal for a younger audience, for those who like to shop from their mobile and is a great tool for lead generation and customer interaction. If your business is particularly visual, and you find yourself taking lots of photos and videos of your product or service, Instagram would be a great choice for you.


LinkedIn is known as a good resource for sharing content, and is considered a networking tool for professionals that has completely changed the way we seek, find and get hired for jobs. This social media channel isn’t commonly used for entertainment or online shopping, but more for learning about different industries, discovering what your professional contacts are up to, as well as finding out about the latest developments from various companies. 

LinkedIn would be the ideal platform for your business if you’re a B2B (business to business) focused company or want to establish yourself as a leader in the industry by consistently sharing updates in the field, thought pieces such as articles, and what your business gets up to. 


The Digital Marketing Institute reported that YouTube is the “second-most visited website after Google” and that paid advertising on the platform is also worth trying as viewers are highly engaged, “with 70% purchasing after seeing an ad”. So if you have the opportunity to film some video content, whether it be a behind the scenes of your business, or a tutorial related to your company or industry, it would serve you greatly and likely draw a large number of eyeballs to your business.  

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