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B Safe Well Healthy

Sue started Essential Bloom with B Safe Well Healthy late 2019 with the help of New Business Assistance with NEIS. What makes her story so inspiring is the fact she has done so with the threat of Corona Virus and the uncertainly that has come with it.

Essential Bloom With B Safe Well Healthy is about helping everyone in the workplace and at home to stay safe, well, and healthy. The idea came when Sue became a FIFO partner. She had always had a passion for safety and wellness, however it was being part of the FIFO lifestyle that showed her how passionate she was.

Part of the wellness side of her business is the Essential Bloom brand. The Essential Bloom brand is a wellness range made from scratch with 100% pure essential oils and non-toxic ingredients which includes but not limited to an Anxiety and Sleep range, this range can be viewed and purchased in her online store.

Sue said she found NEIS very beneficial. “It has helped me get to where I am today following my passion. The NEIS program has helped me follow my dreams and passion of helping everyone be safe, well and healthy.” When asked what advice she would give to anyone starting their own business she said “To never give up even when the going gets touch. Never ever be afraid to reach out and ask for help. You can do anything you chose to, just believe and take action”

You can check out Sue’s website bsafewellhealthy.com.au or visit her store 301A Coventry Village Morley Western Australia.

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