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Soul Alignment Vibrational Healing

Gurdeep decided to start his own business after his sound therapy course which he found so powerful and effective at bringing peace and calmness to the mind. “I didn’t know how to do things but the NEIS training helped me to understand the different areas of business and how to work on them” said Gurdeep
“My business is based on quantum science. According to quantum everything is energy vibrating on different frequencies. Our emotions, thoughts, words everything is energy. When this energy is in balance on physical, emotional and mental level, person experiences optimum health conditions. So in my business I work on mind especially on subconscious and help my clients to bring back and maintain balance.” said Gurdeep
He really enjoyed how practical the program was “it doesn’t provide theoretical knowledge only, it shows you how to use that knowledge to get maximum results” said Gurdeep.
We are so happy to see his business continue to grow which is a great result of all of his hard work. He has expanded into conducting workshops through zoom to bring his business to the whole world.
You can book a session with Gurdeep via his website www.vibrationalhealing.com.au

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