Code of Practice

Advance Business Specialists (ABS) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providing training, employment and business management services. We aim to ensure that policies and management practices adopted maintain high professional standards in marketing and delivery to safeguard the interests and welfare of all students and clients.

The Standards fro RTOs 2015 for provides the basis of our quality assurance policy and procedures and drives practices within the business.

We have adopted a ‘client focus’ attitude to provide consistent, high quality training, assessment and business services which includes internal monitoring and review processes that are based on continuous improvement through client feedback and ongoing development.

Information Provided to Students/Clients

Students and clients will be provided with sufficient and accurate information detailing the course/programs, services and support being provided as well as the objectives, outcomes and industry standards to be achieved. This will be in the form of Product Service Information and in the case of training shall include pre-course information, course outline plus details about employability skills, assessment procedures and learning outcomes. In addition students will be provided with ongoing support, course materials and information for the duration of their course.

Provision of Services

ABS strives to maintain a learning environment that is conducive to the success of all students and clientele. We have the capacity to deliver and assess selected units of competence and qualifications within our scope of registration. These courses and relevant details plus other services offered are available via our web site. ABS provide quality learning materials and facilities as well as delivery and assessment methods appropriate to meet the needs of participants and Training Package requirements.

We ensure that all ABS trainers are qualified as required by the national Training Packages and Standards for RTOs 2015. All training and assessment staff hold the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and maintain currency of skills and knowledge relevant industry developments and requirements. Professional development activities are provided by ABS for its staff to ensure they maintain both training and industry expertise.

The performance and progress of all students is monitored and assessed. We ensure that assessments are conducted in a manner that meets the requirements of the various Industry Training Packages Assessment principles.

ABS provide ongoing support and assistance to students where needed to help achieve success. Students are provided with direct access to trainers and assessors for guidance and support. Mentoring/coaching sessions are available as required.

Client Selection/Enrolment

ABS has a fair and equitable client selection/enrolment process. Student selection is based upon the order of enrolment forms being received by the company and the availability of places under various programs. Class numbers are determined by the facilities available for that program and what is most beneficial to maximise student learning. Availability of places will be advised upon enquiry being lodged with our Administrative Office.

Access and Equity

All students/clients will be granted access to learning irrespective of race, gender, age, physical impairment or marital status. ABS is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to creating an environment of equal opportunity in the delivery of our services. Recruitment of students is not restricted in any way other than the dictates of the various Industry Training Package pre-requisites and government contract guidelines, obligations and requirements.

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) & Statutory Requirements

ABS ensures that systems are in place to protect the health and safety of all personnel and students. This is maintained through the development and implementation of procedures to promote learner and employee involvement in the communication of health and safety issues.

ABS OH&S Policy

  • Demonstrates effective management of health and safety through risk assessments conducted on all learning venues.
  • Evaluates and manages changes to processes, equipment, organisation and personnel to ensure that safety and environmental risks remain as low as practicable.
  • Promotes a health and safety system that ensures that employers and stakeholders are not, as far as reasonable practicable, exposed to risks which may affect their health whilst at learning venues or the workplace.
  • Provides a system for the reporting and investigating of incidents to enable efficient and effective implementation of appropriate controls to prevent recurrence.
  • Ensures compliance with health and safety performance standards, good practice and legislative requirements and is communicated to all employees and stakeholders.
  • Is periodically reviewed to ensure relevance, in line with our business.

ABS Student Behaviour Policy

  1. Students have a responsibility to behave appropriately including showing respect towards other students, staff & clients. Harassment of any nature will not be tolerated (see ABS Code of Conduct).
  2. Students are expected to attend and participate in training programs as agreed at enrolment. Valid reasons with relevant documentation should be provided for non-attendance.
  3. ABS trainers and facilitators expect that the use and handling of equipment and facilities will be carried out in a safe and appropriate manner, according to OH&S guidelines.
  4. Mobile phones are to be switched off during training sessions, unless prior arrangements are made with the facilitator.
  5. Internet & e-mail when available will be used for research, study and business purposes only. Please refer to the attached policy for content and use.
  6. Students unable to meet the above requirements will be referred to the program co-ordinator or operations manager. Continued disregard for these guidelines may result in referral to ABS management for further action.
  7. Please ensure that any information regarding your individual needs that you feel should to be known by the course facilitator is provided prior to the course commencing.
  8. Dress for classroom attendance should be smart casual. Smoking is not permitted on the organisation’s premises.

ABS does value your attendance and will try to ensure that your learning experience is both rewarding and beneficial whilst undertaking our programs.

Skills & Mutual Recognition (RPL & Credit Transfer)

ABS will provide all students with the opportunity to apply for recognition of the skills they possess or competencies previously completed. The RTO has the capacity to provide Recognition of prior Learning (RPL). A copy of the Skills & Mutual Recognition Policy is available on our website.

Issuance of Qualifications

All students who meet the requirements of the various Training Package units of competency or the specified learning outcomes of the Qualifications that they are enrolled in will be issued a Certificate/Statement of Attainment.

Appeals Mechanisms

ABS ensures that all students have a fair mechanism for appealing assessment decisions. The appeals process applies to both competency assessment outcomes and decisions made in respect to skills recognition processes. Our Appeals Process Policy & Procedure is available to all students and clients from our web-site.

Complaints/Grievance Mechanism

The management of the RTO makes every effort to resolve both students and client’s grievance through the application of our Feedback Policy & Procedure (inc complaints). We are committed to ensuring that students and clients have access to a fair and equitable process for dealing with grievances and complaints. Our policy provides that an appropriate advisory body will be identified to advise the participant of where they can seek further assistance, at no cost to the student/client, should a suitable outcome not be agreed upon by all parties. The policy & procedures documentation is available to all students and clients from our web-site.

Fees and Charges Policy

ABS operates in accordance with the Standards for RTOs 2015 and as such, endeavors to make entrance into all advertised courses financially viable for all learners by offering various payment options. Fees charged by ABS are outlined on each course or qualification overview. For students undertaking publically funded vocational education and training (VET) in WA our fees and charges are maintained and collected in line with the Department of Training and Workforce Development’s Vet Fees & Charges Policy. Completion of an enrolment form by a learner and acceptance of the enrolment by ABS constitutes an agreement to honour the contract outlined. For students undertaking Traineeships they may be eligible for Travel & Accommodation Allowance. Please enquire on application for details of eligibility criteria. Full details on ABS Fees and Charges Policy is available via out web-site.

ABS ensures that the financial relationship established with funding agencies, client organisations and suppliers are properly recorded and monitored in line with any contract obligations, terms & conditions.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

ABS has a Refund and Cancellation Policy designed to be fair for the student and the Registered Training Organisation (RTO). At its foundation is the timing of the withdrawal or cancellation and the surrounding circumstances. Students must advise ABS in writing of their intention to withdraw or cancel. This written notice should clearly outline the reasons.

Applications for withdrawal or cancellation must be made in writing to ABS. A full copy of our Refund Policy and forms for application are available on our web-site.

Privacy and Confidentiality

ABS maintains complete and accurate records of attendance and progress of all students and makes these records available to clients on request. Security and confidentiality of these records is guaranteed in accordance with the Privacy Act, Standards for RTOs 2015 and relevant company policies in line with contractual obligations and deeds. A full copy of our Privacy Policy is available on our web-site.

Advertising and Marketing

ABS will advertise and market our services in line with the Standards for RTOs by maintaining the marketing protocols of accuracy, integrity and professionalism.

Please contact us if you have any questions.