The Degree of a Business’s Success Lies in its Wealth of Resources

Winston Churchill said “no man is an island” and neither is a business and therefore the more information you can access the greater your knowledge and understanding of business.

This page endeavours to provide you with a beginning on that treasure hunt to acquiring and collecting of valuable networks to increase your power in business.

Useful Links

Small Business Development Corporation –

This is a State run body which is a one stop shop for FREE advisory service, book shop and low cost short courses on every aspect of small business including the WAISS research grants for business. For all information on leasing commercial premises and having leases looked at before you sign. In addition SBDC administers the Business Enterprise Centres which offer FREE advice and are located throughout the metropolitan, regional and rural areas. Contact SBDC on 133 140 or their web site to find the BEC closest to you.

ABR Business –

This site allows you to search another business’s details from its ABN number. You can access and change your own business details and apply for an ABN number or a Tax File Number from here.

Business Entry Point –

A wealth of relevant information awaits you here, such as starting a business, Taxation (GST) business registration info, licences and permits, grants and financial assistance availability, and even information on employing people, importing, exporting, franchising and much, much more!!

Marketing basics from –

This site has a wealth of information one could use to learn about the various facets of Marketing for your business. These articles are written by successful business men and women and are a fantastic resource.

Roobix –

Roobix can be your in-house marketing resource, for less money and greater capability.

Marketing has come a long way and the skills necessary to be an effective in house marketing resource are too broad. When you work with Roobix, you work with a team of designers, web developers, copywriters, digital experts and sales specialists. There is no more outsourcing; there is just Roobix.

Small and Home Based Business Library –

All I can say about this site is that if it is not stored in your Favourites file then you are not serious about business. This is the Aladdin’s Cave of information!!

Yellow Pages –

Log into here and enter a specific type of business and then type in the area codes of the target areas you intend to trade in and the computer will pull up all other similar businesses in that area. You even have a map to pin point their actual location. Talk about spy satellite!!

Australian Competion and Consumer Commission –

The ACCC promotes competition and fair trade in the market place to benefit consumers, businesses and the community. It also regulates national infrastructure services. Its primary responsibility is to ensure that individuals and businesses comply with the Commonwealth competition, fair trading and consumer protection laws.

Flying Solo –

This is Australia’s largest small business community, they are there to help you create a business and a life that you are proud to call your own. They have over 49,000 members and growing! With fresh article from thier team of experts flying solo is a wealth of information for any micro business operator.

IP Australia –

Intellectual Property (IP) covers a range of laws that give the individuals and businesses exclusive rights over their creative and inventive projects.  When you start a business, create or invent a new product, you should consider the IP protection options that are appropriate to your business needs.

Department of Consumer Protection –

All you want to know in regards to issues of Occupational Health and Welfare. This site contains information on consumer protection, labour relations and work safe issues.

Occupational Health and Safety –

More detailed info on OHS issues.

Tax related issues –


Reliance Partners –

The passionate team that started Reliance Partners recognised that people were fed up with being sold insurance that suited their broker, rather than their business. So we set about establishing a new type of network – one that put people before products.


This is the National Insurance Brokers Association. Choose an industry or a type of insurance, hit the button and it will come up with a list of insurers that specialise in that area!


Online quotes for a wide variety of business categories.

Biz Cover –

Also offering online quotes for small business insurance including public and product liability.

Speciality Sites Specific to Small Business

Advice and useful links.

Stories, reports and business planning etc

Small business advisory network and a goldmine of books and support services. A must visit!

Excellent resource for all small business news updated regularly. Do not miss this site!!

From the makers of QuickBooks, this resource centre is full of free tools, templates and articles to aid small business.

Dept Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education –

Look here for the timetable of Industry Expos and exhibitions, details of up and coming Government tenders, funding and more.

Australian Government Bookshop –

Another good source of written material, particularly if you need copies of Acts or publications such as ‘Rights and obligations of a Taxpayer’ etc.

Franchising –

All you wanted to know about franchising.

Additional Sites That May be Useful to Know


The Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) is a professional organisation for accountants recognised for their practical, hands-on skills and a broad understanding of the total business environment.

Great website to find a bookkeeper in your state.

Export/Import and Financing

Helps businesses to access the international market. Financial assistance programs available.

Federal Government agency to facilitate and encourage exporting.

Regional investment, companies seeking assistance, Professional Advisors and more.

Women in Business

A site dedicated to women in business.

Advice and information for women by women in business.


Fair Work Australia provides info on modern awards, minimum wage fixation and dispute resolution.

Useful ID checks on companies, eg. Directors, addresses, banned Directors, etc.

Department of Employment who govern the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides information on training, linkages, Industry info, etc.

As part of our Microfinance program to address financial exclusion NAB has been providing unsecured business loans of between $500 and $20,000 for people on low incomes since 2007.


Australian Bureau of Statistics –

A wealth of information on populations, housing and many other specific topics.