Tim Trindle Thomas Hair

Tim Trindle Thomas Hair


Tim has been working with hair for a very long time. He completed his apprenticeship in Melbourne, Victoria. In that time he had the opportunity to work in some of the states leading and well known salons, such as Mien, Synergy Hair Melbourne and Red Rupunzel in St Kilda. He completed his schooling at Headmasters Advanced Academy and in turn this gave him the space and ability to be taught and mentored by some of our countries most experienced and talented Hairdressers. It is with these wonderful connections and time spent learning together, that he has grown into the Hairdresser he is today.

We first met Tim early in 2014 when he applied for NEIS to follow his dream of starting his own business. He wanted to realise his own potential in providing specialised services to the community. Tim says that NEIS helped to build his self confidence, gave him concrete business management skills and knowledge whilst building a lasting network of friends and fellow business owners.

Tim believes the mentoring gave him guidance, moral support and ongoing encouragement to achieve his dreams. The training and assistance in developing a business plan and financials also helped him greatly. In regards to others who are considering NEIS Tim said to definitely sign up! all who work there are very supporting, resourceful and helpful.

The turn around we saw in Tim from the first time we met him until his final day on NEIS was amazing and his hard work over that period to achieve his goals was inspirational.

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