A great way to kickstart your career.

Traineeships combine practical experience at work with structured training. Trainees will have entered into a contract with their employer to gain hands-on skills and work experience while earning a wage. Traineeships are usually in non-trade related areas and last for 12 months or more. The training requirements are part of your training plan which is negotiated between your employer, you and ABS as your registered training organisation (RTO).

Traineeships are competency based which means you can complete your training earlier if you can show you have reached the skill levels required for your industry. People of all ages can undertake traineeships and most can be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis. There are a range of traineeships offered by ABS from which to choose.

To view the opportunities available, click on the qualification name below that you’re interested in or contact us to send an enquiry to ABS and one of our representatives will contact you and discuss your training needs in person.


BSB20115 – Certificate II in Business print
BSB30115 – Certificate III in Businessprint
BSB40215 – Certificate IV in Businessprint


BSB42015 – Certificate IV in Leadership & Managementprint
BSB51918 – Diploma of Leadership & Managementprint

Human Resources

BSB41015 – Certificate IV in Human Resourcesprint

Employment Services

CHC32015 – Certificate III in Community Services print
CHC41115 – Certificate IV in Employment Servicesprint

Sales and Marketing

BSB42415 – Certificate IV in Marketing & Communicationprint

Accounting & Finance

FNS20115 – Certificate II in Financial Servicesprint
FNS30115 – Certificate III in Financial Servicesprint
FNS30317 – Certificate III in Accounts Administrationprint
FNS40217 – Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeepingprint

Fees & Charges

Course fees, charges and payment terms are detailed on our Fees & Charges page in Student Information which can be viewed here.


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