Solar Finish

Solar Finish, WA

Charley Caruso started her NEIS business installing solar panels in Perth but moved into a market niche of solar panel cleaning. An “All girl team” they are one of only two or three solar panel cleaning services in Perth. They provide professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance to ensure their clients get the most out of their solar investment. The service ensures their customers save on bills and produce more energy from the panels.

After being badly hurt in an assault Charley lost her job installing solar panels. Her Job Service Provider (Atwork Australia) inspired her and directed her to NEIS. She approached ABS with a vision to install solar panels which was a different vision to what she ended up with. She never believed she could do anything like this. Now she is happy with the enormity of the niche they are in and loves it.

NEIS helped Charley realise a business education is the key to converting ideas into successful business ventures. With that confidence she was able to change her initial idea and look at the big picture. The mentoring helped by putting steps in place and helping her fulfill them one by one. She was able to absorb a lot of valuable information that has turned out to be something that gives her a cutting edge.  “I benefited from the support of ABS who were always able to make me feel like I got a high five through the phone.” Said Charley.

For others considering NEIS Charley said “Absolutely, most definitely GO FOR IT! If you have even just a small idea for a business get into NEIS. You will learn how to to refine your idea, make a plan and steps to achieve a goal much bigger than your self confidence will ever allow you to first see. In the end you will have the knowledge and the confidence to reach beyond your expectations and be 100% in control of your own life”