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Program Outline

While digital technology pervades our daily life, the reality is it is not the driver behind the need for a business to digitally transform.

The driver is people – customers and employees and what they expect from businesses. Organisations that successfully follow a digital transformation framework through collaborative planning will be equipped to not only improve but also drive innovation and growth strategies.

Join us in starting to develop you own Digital Plan that will aim to consider changes to your business, so you can become more competitive, get employees to work smarter and ensure you remain profitable in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

If you are saying to yourself “I want help to grow and manage my business” or you think you need to develop the knowledge and skills of your staff to meet these goals, then we offer programs that may assist you in achieving these outcomes.

Your facilitator – Mark Van Lith

Mark started his career in the days when digital technology was in its infancy. He has had the benefit of working with a wide range of organisations across a broad spectrum of industries and embracing the changes that have taken place over that time. This means being directly involved in transformation to consider continuous improvement and innovation in meeting customers’ needs and remain competitive.

Operating his own business, he understands the need to keep your organisation from becoming obsolete, maintaining profitability and achieving your full potential.

We need to bear in mind that Digital Transformation is not about changing technologies, but about the fact that technology, which is digital, allows businesses to solve their traditional problems

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