Grow Your Business

If you are saying to yourself “I want help to grow and manage my business” or you think you need to develop the knowledge and skills of your staff to meet these goals, then we offer programs that may assist you in achieving these outcomes.

Business Development & Marketing Programs Program

help me grow my businessThe programs outlined below are designed to support micro, small or medium size companies that want to refine and strengthen their business whilst also achieving a Nationally Recognised Qualification. Structured to be delivered in a flexible format to suit business operations they can include face to face tuition and mentoring but may be competed effectively through online delivery and assessments.

The courses offer the opportunity to provide training to both staff and management with relevant knowledge and skills to complement individual job roles and to achieve desired outcomes.

For a tailored proposal to meet your needs please contact our Training Manager on 08 9355 5400 or submit an online enquiry.

Business Development Program

Learning outcomes: The program will be structured to meet the establishment and growth plans of the business to embrace the business environment:

  • Leadership – promote culture, build capability, support and inspire collaboration
  • Marketing – establish and adjust the marketing mix, identify and evaluate marketing opportunities, implement and monitor marketing activities
  • Innovation – building and sustain an innovative work environment whilst establishing systems to support
  • Business planning – develop and implement a Business Plan and manage risk

Assessments completed will work towards various qualifications:

BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership & Management – this qualification suits people in a management role who are seeking to effectively run an organisation to embrace opportunities that are available and ensure they have the capacity and capabilities to meet the challenge.

BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management – this qualification is tailored to suit people who operate in a position that needs to consider the strategic direction of the organisation. In this respect they plan to implement changes that can think about the transformation of work and operating environments along with the expectations of their customers.

The assessments for the qualifications are outlined in a Training & Assessment Plan designed to confirm competency for issuing a full qualification. It includes the completion of a Business or Strategic Plan as workable documents to implement in the business.

Small Business Marketing

Learning Outcomes: upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Consider the major elements of a business idea, undertake research to determine the viability of the business and present the idea with reference to the legislative frameworks affecting the business.
  • Profile a target market or market segments in accordance with a marketing plan and to develop market positioning strategies.
  • Analyse consumer behaviour for specific markets and specific needs to examine factors that impact decisions to purchase products or services. Make recommendations on marketing strategies to increase consumption of products or services being marketed.
  • Monitor and improve business performance via a clear strategy complementing the business plan.
  • Plan, implement and manage basic marketing and promotional activities as determined and outlined in the business marketing plan.

Assessments completed will gain the Small Business Marketing Skill Set: these assessments are outlined in the Training & Assessment Plan designed to confirm competency for issuing a Statement of Attainment and can work towards a full qualification in Leadership & Management or Small Business Management.