YouTube Marketing


A highly practical short course designed to make you a YouTube marketing expert. This course is delivered both online in a self-paced format, as well as in virtual workshops. 

Our specially designed course has been created for any freelancer, agency or small-medium business, looking to unlock the power of YouTube marketing

Learn from leading YouTube experts

Our course leaders are experts in using YouTube Content Marketing and Advertising to increase reach, build brand awareness, gain subscribers and generate new sales.

Use your YouTube strategy immediately

Implement the strategies, templates, and content tips, used on this course and apply them to your YouTube Channel.

Join a community of like-minded business experts 

Share your experiences with other students on the YouTube Marketing course in our vibrant Facebook community. 

  • Generate increased customers and sales
  • Amplify the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Show up in more search results

This course is suitable for those who want to learn how to grow and scale your business using YouTube. 

Business owners and freelancers
Time poor and looking to establish their presence on YouTube and create new opportunities through targeted adverts & engaging videos

Looking to generate new and improved revenue streams and want to dominate the social media agency scene with expertise that outperforms the competition

Looking to rapidly grow their followers and monetise their YouTube profiles through collaboration and marketing funnels. 

Marketing professionals
Looking to increase ROI for existing clients and demonstrate advanced knowledge of campaign management and analytics to prospective customers

Social media

Investment:  $795 inc GST on our payment options noted below

Course Duration: 1 day

Delivery Method: Online with tutor support

Entry requirements: None

Start date: Get instant access within 1 business day

  • Understand YouTube’s core features and how to set up a channel.
  • Learn the stages of production and how to record and edit videos.
  • Develop skills to build engagement and grow your channel.
  • Examine tactics for organic implementation and paid advertising.

MODULE 1: Introduction to YouTube marketing

An introduction to your learning experience.

  • Course Structure
  • Your Learning Experience
  • Your Workbook

MODULE 2: YouTube Overview

A YouTube overview including features and advantages

  • Topic 1: Network Context
  • Topic 2: YouTube by the Numbers
  • Topic 3: YouTube Advantages
  • Topic 4: Gear & Equipment

MODULE 3: Core Features

Learn how to create a channel, upload video, use ads, playlists and end screens. Explore live, 360° video and Shorts

  • Topic 1: YouTube channels
  • Topic 2: The YouTube Ads Structure
  • Topic 3: Playlists
  • Topic 4: End-screens
  • Topic 5: Types of Video (including YouTube Shorts)
  • Topic 6: Marketing Opportunity Categories

MODULE 4: Organic Implementation

Grow your knowledge of optimising for maximum views, how to grow your network and provide value to your audience

  • Topic 1: The YouTube Algorithm
  • Topic 2: Growing Your Network
  • Topic 3: Adding Value
  • Topic 4: Content Types

MODULE 5: Paid Advertising

Explore the range of advertising formats including TrueView, Discovery and Bumper ads, partnering with influencers and ad campaigns

  • Topic 1: Advertising Formats
  • Topic 2: Influencers
  • Topic 3: Paid Implementation
  • Topic 4: Creating an Ad Campaign

MODULE 6: Video Production

Learn about video production stages, recording and editing. How to use Canva for editing and thumbnails

  • Topic 1: Video Production Stages
  • Topic 2: Recording
  • Topic 3: Video Editing
  • Topic 4: Thumbnails
  • Topic 5: Popular Video Types
  • Topic 6: Best Practices

MODULE 7: Building Engagement

Customise your channel, Call to Actions (CTAs), creating banners and encouraging engagement

  • Topic 1: Engaging the Masses
  • Topic 2: Case Studies
  • Topic 3: Hero, Hub, Help Strategy

MODULE 8: Growing Your Channel

Learn the four Cs – Cross promotion, Consistency, Collaboration and Creativity

  • Topic 1: The Four Cs of Channel Growth
  • Topic 2: Key Benefits
  • Topic 3: Other Ways to Grow Your Channel

MODULE 9: Analytics and Reporting

Optimise your campaigns with analytics and insights. Report on key metrics.

  • Topic 1: Structure a Report
  • Topic 2: How to Use Analytics
  • Topic 3: Insights & Reporting
  • Topic 4: Key Metrics
  • Topic 5: Reporting Templates
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  • Complete your studies online, at your own pace with unlimited tutor support.
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  • Developed and delivered by leading industry experts

Full upfront course fee payments can be made for this course. This industry recognised short course can be combined with an ABS Institute Nationally Recognised course.

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