Social Media Strategy


Deliver the results you’ve been looking for with a comprehensive and effective social media strategy scale built for success

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Our course leaders are experts in using social media effectively and you’ll learn from them how to design your strategy to impact your audience with relevant content that moves them from follower to customer.

Use your strategy with immediate effect

Right through this course you’ll be working on the strategy for your chosen organisation or personal brand. There are templates for every step that will build together to form a comprehensive strategy document or presentation.

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Share your experiences with other students within the Social Media Strategy course and in our vibrant Facebook community.

Refer below for a detailed outline of each component: 

  • Develop strategies to deliver effective social media campaigns
  • Learn how to increase return on advertising spend
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your industry

Business owners and freelancers – time poor and looking to establish their presence on social media and create new opportunities through targeted adverts

Marketing professionals looking to increase ROI for existing clients and demonstrate advanced knowledge of campaign management and analytics to prospective customers.

Agency teams looking to generate new and improved revenue streams and want to dominate the social media agency scene with expertise that outperforms the competition.

Influencers looking to rapidly grow their followers and monetise their Instagram profiles through collaboration and marketing funnels.

Social media

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Course Duration: 1 day

Delivery Method: Online with tutor support

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  • Understand the 8-step process to develop a social media marketing strategy.
  • Conduct a social media audit, set objectives and choose the best channels.
  • Identify and define your audience, including developing audience personas.
  • Develop, implement and analyse an effective content strategy.

MODULE 1: Introduction to social media strategy

Understand social media marketing and the strategy development process.

Topic 1: Setting the Stage
Topic 2: Understanding the Social Media Marketing Process
Topic 3: Strategy in Context
Topic 4: Buyer Stages
Topic 5: The Influence of Strategy
Topic 6: Strategic Ideas
Topic 7: The 8-step Strategy Process

MODULE 2: Start where you are

Use a social media audit and SWOT analysis to establish your current state.

Topic 1: The Social Media Audit
Topic 2: Review Online Presence
Topic 3: Assess Profile Consistency
Topic 4: Analyse Performance
Topic 5: Examine Competitors
Topic 6: Review SEO Results
Topic 7: Determine Brand Identity
Topic 8: Conduct a SWOT Analysis

MODULE 3: Setting social media objectives

Align your social media strategy with your organisation/personal brand strategy.

Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Top Down Strategy
Topic 3: XERO example
Topic 4: Buyer stages
Topic 5: Buyer Stages and Quantitative Objectives
Topic 6: Buyer stages and Qualitative Objectives
Topic 7: Set ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ Objectives and B.H.A.G.s
Topic 8: Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

MODULE 4: Identifying your audience

Audience segmentation, behaviour, demographics and persona.

Topic 1: Audience Personas
Topic 2: Audience Segments
Topic 3: Where to start?

MODULE 5: Choosing the right channel

Inform your choice with channel usage, purpose, content and performance

Topic 1: The Big 5
Topic 2: Audience Usage
Topic 3: Content and Channel Choice
Topic 4: Buyer Stages and Channel Choice
Topic 5: Which Channel, Which Metrics?
Topic 6:  Costs and Maintenance

MODULE 6: Content strategy

Content categories, purpose, topics, formats, repurposing and scheduling.

Topic 1: Content Categories
Topic 2: Content Purpose
Topic 3: Content Decisions
Topic 4: Media and Content Formats
Topic 5: Content and Buyer Stages
Topic 6: Content Creation
Topic 7: Reusing Content
Topic 8: Content Scheduling
Topic 9: Content Strategy Example and Templates

MODULE 7: Being social

Collaboration opportunities, influencer partnerships, community management

Topic 1: Collaboration
Topic 2: Influencers
Topic 3: Community Management
Topic 4: Social Listening
Topic 5: Audience feedback

MODULE 8: Implementing the strategy

Paid advertising, budgeting, resourcing, implementation and management tools

Topic 1: Paid Advertising
Topic 2: Creating a Social Media Budget
Topic 3: Identifying Required Resources
Topic 4: Implementation Plan
Topic 5: Legal and Ethical Requirements
Topic 6: Social Media Management Tools

MODULE 9: Analysing for improvement

Data metrics, tracking expenses, analysis and insights, performance reports.

Topic 1: Metrics That Matter
Topic 2: Tracking Expenses
Topic 3: Measuring Effectiveness
Topic 4: Performance Reports

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